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 King Shot [Jodorowsky + Lynch + A. Argento + M. Manson]

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King Shot [Jodorowsky + Lynch + A. Argento + M. Manson] Empty
MessageSujet: King Shot [Jodorowsky + Lynch + A. Argento + M. Manson]   King Shot [Jodorowsky + Lynch + A. Argento + M. Manson] Icon_minitimeSam 15 Nov 2008 - 11:53

KING SHOT devrait sortir l'année prochaine !

Citation :
The Hollywood Reporter website has reported David Lynch's company, Absurda, will be producingJodorowsky's movie King Shot, which Marilyn Manson is set to appear in.

a separate development, Lynch's Absurda production company hasattached
Asia Argento and Udo Kier to star with Nick Nolte inAlejandro
Jodorowsky's metaphysical gangster movie 'King Shot.'

Manson is touted to appear as a prophet in the 'SinCity'-style film,
which producer Eric Bassett said has enough sexand violence to
guarantee an NC-17 rating.

Lynch is executive producing both projects, and Absurda is reppingtheir sales rights in the Cannes market
- The Holywood Reporter

Below is more Information on King Shot and Marilyn Manson from

in an article on The Hollywood Reporter about Herzog and Lynch teaming
up for My Son, My Son, which is huge news in itself (Lynch makes
feature length films less and less often these days and Herzog was
exceptionally brilliant in his heyday), they failed to point out the
importance of Lynch’s company, Absurda, producing Alejandro
Joworowsky’s metaphysical gangster movie, King Shot.

It’s been
almost 20 years since his last film, The Rainbow Thief, but finally,
Jodorowsky is returning to the director’s chair. As of now, Nick Nolte
has the lead in the film, with Asia Argento, Udo Kier and Marilyn
Manson also cast. Manson will play a prophet, in what is being touted
as a “Sin City” styled film, destined for a NC-17 rating, based on the
copious amount of sex and violence.

Manson’s involvement doesn’t
come as much of a surprise, since he’s been a very outspoken fan of
Jodorowsky for years. Neither does Argento and Kier’s involvement with
the project, since they seem to be in every other genre project lately.
Nick Nolte is the real curiosity here, since he hasn’t done anything of
real merit in quite a while.

According to Anarchy and Alchemy by
Ben Cobb, the film centers around “a casino in the middle of the
desert, where gangsters play in a contest with fake shots [blanks].
There comes one other, who is not honest. That is one part of the
story. Not all. There also comes a young gangster who is on the run
[having] stolen diamonds. Back in the desert, scientists have found an
enormous [prehistoric] bone. Then they discover bones everywhere in the
desert. A big enormous hand. It is like King Kong. Then they close the
desert because they know what it is. And the young person in the casino
will dominate all the others and torture them. Everything is a story
told by a beetle. There is a prophet, he came from [below the Earth]
and eat the beetle.”

Apparently, Marilyn Manson’s role as the
prophet will also set him as “a beautiful woman.” According to the
book, King Shot is also suppose to be Jodorowsky’s last film.

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King Shot [Jodorowsky + Lynch + A. Argento + M. Manson]
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